Newport Hall, an internet technology company

Employment with Newport Hall

Our highly successful services and solutions are founded upon our amazing staff of engineers, developers, designers and support staff. We are often looking for experienced and energetic people to join our team.

What we're looking for

Reliable and responsible staff to meet our design, development and support needs. Skill levels can range from junior design and support staff to highly specialized engineers and legacy application support personnel.

US Citizenship is sometimes required for our positions. Check our position descriptions carefully for residency requirements. Almost all of our positions require criminal history checks or FBI background investigations. Make sure that these processes are well under way before your first day of work with us.

All employees must be eligible to work in the US. Documentation of this is required.

On-site: most of our positions are on-site, full time employment. We meet the varied needs of our customers by being hands on and available. Certain positions are eligible for flex-time and compressed work schedules. You will not, however, be able to work from home.

Subcontractors and overseas vendors: don't waste the electrons sending a response. Our customers enjoy a long-term, direct relationship with the employees and management of Newport Hall. Code shops a continent away don't meet our or our customer's needs.


Prospective employees should submit a resume that reflects direct work experience and technical skills that respond to the specific staffing requirement. Please make sure that your resume addresses the qualifications and experience that we need.

PDF format: please send your resume in doc or PDF format plus a short cover note describing the position for which you're applying.

If you are applying for a WEB development, design or support position, you should include links to your on-line portfolio or another means by which we can evaluate your work.

Send your resumes and questions to


Current Vacancy Listings

Qualifications summary

  • Experience with Drupal CMS platform
  • Excellent HTML/CSS skills; ability to design and debug CSS; ability to plan and design responsive sites for mobile devices
  • Solid knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar graphics software; skilled at converting layered design files into HTML/CSS or Drupal/CMS themes
  • Understanding of effective front-end development techniques and tools, such as JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Work effectively and collaboratively with Development and Production colleagues on assigned customer projects.
  • Follow organization and industry development standards, governance processes, and best practices. Participate in code reviews and quality control processes.
  • Maintain professional relationships with customers, management, colleagues, and deliver high-quality customer service.
  • Excellent communication skills: ability to assess verbal and written requirements from customers and transform them into interactive designs and project artifacts;
  • Adept at multi-tasking in a fast-paced, high-profile environment
  • Ability to evolve skill sets and quickly adopt new technologies
  • Equally comfortable working on a project team as well as independently

Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct client consultations regarding UX, information architecture, graphic design, social media integration, and site layout
  • Co-manage web projects with other Site-Builder/Front End colleagues. Compose project proposals, timelines, and maintain all design artifacts
  • Create wireframes and design mockups
  • Generate appealing design composites for customers via graphics software and/or design sites directly in the browser
  • Convert design composites into custom Drupal subthemes and standards-compliant CSS and JavaScript;
  • Develop and maintain websites employing the Drupal platform
Monitor ticketing system.  Debug and troubleshoot CSS and JavaScript for new and existing websites. Perform CSS and graphics customizations for existing websites

Please provide your availability, salary requirements and specific qualifications.