Newport Hall, an internet technology company

Video Production and direction services

Newport Hall provides state of the art video pre-production, production and post-production services. We can build your corporate, educational or private production from the ground up.

Whether it's capturing special moments; building funding relationships; advertising and marketing; or corporate promotion, Newport Hall can help build your production.

Our video production services include:

  • Script and dialog development
  • Video and audio on-site, field and studio production
  • Studio production including studio still and chroma key
  • Authoring
  • Post-production and editing (Adobe)
  • Conversion and capture services
  • Training

Video and film production

Corporate introduction and presentation
Present and introduce your company and company's products at trade shows, fairs and film trailers.
Building relationships with supporters through video presentations
Family and personal productions
Building and preserving family memories and relationships through a video record
Special events
Preserving a video record of special events
Informational videos
Building, repairing, identifying; films and videos to provide information and illustration
Digital Conversion Services
We provide customized conversion services from film, negative and slide stock to digital formats. Contact us for rates and specific services offered.

Scouts and scouting

Newport Hall has produced or is in production of a series of videos in support of scouting programs. Contact us for our off-the-shelf outdoor skills videos as well as for customized programs in support local programs such as Friends of Scouting.

Newport Hall is working with experts in adult scouter outdoor skills in the development of a series of IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills) videos that will support your local IOLS classes and presentations. These 1 hour video programs and instruction materials will include:

  • Knots and Lashings
  • Cooking and Outdoor food preparation
  • Campsite preparation and location (including selection, tents selection, pitching, camping seasons)
  • Hiking and personal equipment (including demonstrations of packs, packing, clothing, packed equipment and equipment comparisons)

Individual videos are scheduled for completion this summer. Contact us for an exact schedule.