Newport Hall, an internet technology company

Critical IT skills and Federal retirees

Newport Hall specializes in both helping agencies replace outgoing resources and finding contract opportunities for retired federal annuitants.

For the government manager

Technical skills such as mainframe OS and legacy application support are increasingly vulnerable to federal staff retirements. The reliability of mission-critical systems is highly susceptible to a "single point of failure" problems caused by departing trained staff.

How can agencies plan for supporting critical applications and systems, training replacements and insuring that there is no downtime during staff turnover?

Managers need staff resources that are thoroughly vetted and that the contractor is willing to stand behind. These make for painless staff retirements that keep mission-critical systems up and running.

Newport Hall is uniquely suited to help agencies:

  • Retain outgoing resources: These resources usually have rare or highly specific skills that will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace.
  • Lower resource costs: Once benefits are factored in, contracted resources are substantially cheaper than those on staff.

For the Federal annuitant

After careful financial and life planning, you have decided to retire from your government job. In most cases, your original agency, or one very much like it, will continue to need your skills long after you are gone. Returning as a contractor has a number of benefits:

  • Greater hourly pay: Medical insurance is handled by your government retirement plan and retirement savings accounts are no longer necessary. Newport Hall can pass the savings of these on to you by paying an increased hourly wage.
  • More flexibility: You can work full or part time depending on your needs and the needs of the agency.

Newport Hall strives to make the contracting process easy on our employees. We will handle all of the necessary research to determine the legal and financial implications of returning as a contractor. These implications vary from agency to agency and from person to person. All information will be shared before any committment is made.